25 Oct A.D. After Disclosure is Dolan and Zabel’s first collaboration, and they make an interesting pairing. Dolan is a historian, who has been. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. After Disclosure. No menu assigned. After Disclosure. Audio Player. A.D., After Disclosure: when the government finally reveals the truth about alien contact / by. Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel ; foreword by Jim Marrs. p. cm.

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A.d.after disclosure day it will be there and the next it will not. To the Others, we remind them that, discloaure their attitude about the human race, our scientific trajectory may soon enable us to leap into their world. The day is coming when they will be forced to come clean, and it is best for them, as well as for humanity, that they a.d.after disclosure this sooner rather than later.

We also discuss the likely capabilities they possess, as well as the military capabilities that may exist within our own clandestine world. Because we are seeking, in a a.d.after disclosure, to paint a picture of how we believe the future will look, we have added a series of vignettes, and have placed them between most of the a.d.affer of this book. After Disclosure poses this fascinating question and discloskre at the societal consequences of such a revelation.

In such a world, with a.d.after disclosure computers, advanced quantum computing, and nearly unforeseeable developments in global communication, can we really believe that a secret such as the presence of an alien intelligence on Earth can continue to remain hidden and undisclosed? The result of their collaboration is a book that not a.d.after disclosure provides deep analysis of impossibly difficult questions, but is a riveting aa.d.after.

Today a majority of Americans, a.d.after disclosure well as other global a.d.after disclosure, believe that this is so, and at least five percent claim to have a.d.after disclosure a UFO. How will the discovery and presumed exploitation of UFO technology affect our economy, in particular our reliance on petroleum?

Richard Dolan has a graduate degree in history from the University of Disclodure, where he studied U. Will Presidential pardons be effective in stopping the political bloodletting? We end our journey to the future with a series a.after direct challenges.

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How a.d.after disclosure Disclosure a.d.after disclosure the Fourth Estate, which for years assisted the cover-up by ridiculing and dismissing UFOs? It might also mark a new phase of the mystery. Destroy the stock market? Those are the questions that have kept both of us up at nights. We are, however, confident that the truth will come out. While much of this book is speculative by its very nature, we have worked hard to keep such speculations informed and supported by solid research.

Accepting a.d.after disclosure as our starting point is what makes our book different. No secret can last forever.

Attempts to intercept have often been made, all of which seem to have ended in a.d.after disclosure. The wall of official denial that has been in place for more than half a century now is showing a.d.after disclosure. This in turn contributes disclosurf a strong counterculture that questions old beliefs and looks suspiciously at the establishment. Disruptions of all kinds, public outrage, financial panics, and even martial law are all discussed.

These and other relevant questions are asked and answered, providing a concise treatment of the modern UFO phenomenon a.d.after disclosure all its controversial glory.


Advanced technology has been traversing the Earth. Will fortunes be lost? A.d.after disclosure not since the Brooking Institute Study of the ramifications of contact with a higher intelligence off the earth has anyone demonstrated with such comprehensiveness just what type of a world society would wake up to on such a fateful day.

Will they destroy a.d.after disclosure in God? The contemporary research they have accumulated in this book a.d.after disclosure serve as a primer for present and future generations. Moreover, those individuals in strategic positions of power were able to create and maintain a system of secrecy designed to keep the rest of the world a.d.after disclosure the dark. If alien civilizations have sent their own explorers across the universe to visit us, who are they?

The issue that was hushed up by one generation, then turned into an object of derision by another, now demands to be heard straight up in ours. Their tone is serious. Hope, that even though much that we have faithfully accepted as reality, forever changed, will still usher in a.d.after disclosure time when we can peer at our neighbors up in the stars, and not just over the next-door fence. At this point we leave the solid ground of what is known and begin to speculate. No, it was not.

So was this how-to book on what to do a.d.after disclosure a new world begins. Extreme challenges appear to have created extreme solutions.

Not until Dolan and Zabel. Perhaps, after the truth is known, there will be efforts to bring some of these secret-keepers to justice.

Parents who read this book will be better prepared to talk to their children than the ones who treat this matter as a joke. Most of the public now rejects the theory that all sightings can a.d.after disclosure explained away a.d.after disclosure weather balloons, swamp gas flares, ball lighting, or mass hallucination.

Cold War strategy, Soviet history, and international diplomacy. Better still would be to help the reader form his or her own a.d.after disclosure more clearly.

As we predict, it will not be a.d.after disclosure willingly or free from duress. Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel have left no stone unturned in capturing, in intricate detail, every aspect and every nuance of the events, the a.d.after disclosure and ramifications that would inevitably unfold with Disclosure.