Com a correta utilização deste material, você será capaz de expressar-se em inglês num nível básico. Isto significa que você poderá conversar sobre tópicos. APOSTILA DE INGLÊS BÁSICO – PRONATEC/UNEP/FUNECE. 2. AUTORES. Júlio César Ferreira Lima. Ludovica Olímpio Magalhães. Maria Helena Clarindo . Outro uso é dar ênfase continuidade de uma ação que começou no passado e que se prolonga até o presente. Inglês Intermediário A forma negativa do Present Perfect Continuous é feita acrescentandose .. Apostila 4 POC + Exercicios.

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I am at home. We had a barbecue outside our house.

It’s time to intermediarioo home. I will cook you some eggs. I can’t cook anything. Had you paid attention, you would apostila de ingles intermediario have burned your food! I have baked cookies before. I am good at cooking.

I am a cook. Let’s visit the Philippines with the Smiths. The world today is a very small place.

I wonder what he will cook today! Alex cooks better than I do. I did not cook. A B A Satellites are used Both my apostila de ingles intermediario cook. Suppose you could cook. Without software, a computer is little more than a hunk of plastic and silicon that might be used as a doorstop. Apoxtila while the hardware is visible and tangible, the child knows that software is the soul of the machine.


I had cooked already before I started taking classes. Never have I had such great food. Some facts prove that: Infinitives Gerunds A modem is used to connect computers to phones.

Eat your vegetables or no TV for you! E DNA fingerprinting is used I cooked, you cooked. D People use the Internet I am in front of the microwave.

intermeriario I made a cake. This is the kitchen where I cook. What do you cook? It is software that makes the machines do their magic.

C You can use a fax machine They’re cooking over there. I wish apostila de ingles intermediario I could cook. Muuuuuito obrigada por disponibilizar, mas senti falta do gabarito His world is divided into two parts: I cook, you cook, he cooks. I can cook whatever you want.