4 Nov Ch 32 (a Vol). 1. TRANSFORMER! ➣➣➣➣➣ Working Principle of Transformer ➣➣➣➣➣ Transformer Construction. 26 Nov Induction Motor (a Vol. – 2). 1. Electrical Technology Induction Motors Three phase and single phase; 2. Induction Motor: General. B.L. Theraja is the author of A Text Book of Electrical Technology ( avg rating , ratings, 89 reviews, published ), Basic Electronics ( a.

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Distributor Fed at Both Ends with Equal Voltages It should be noted that in such cases i the maximum voltage drop must always occur bl thareja one of the load points and ii if both feeding ends are at the same potential, then the voltage drop bl thareja each yhareja and this point must be the same, which in other words, means that the sum of the moments about ends bl thareja be equal.

It is proposed to lay out a d. Hence, their different sections carry different currents over bl thareja lengths.

This can be bl thareja with the help of the following pair of equations: Consider the case already discussed in Ex. First, tharejaa drop due to concentrated load only. The distributor along with its tapped currents is shown in Fig. Now, let us find the voltage drop bl thareja a point C Fig. Let the current distribution be as shown in Fig. In that case, D becomes the other end of the distributor. At point distance from Thareha in metres concentrated load in A C 40 30 D 40 E F 50 Thaerja the maximum permissible voltage drop is not to exceed 10 V, find the cross-sectional area of the distributor.

Let the bl thareja distribution be as shown. Drop due to uniform load can be found by bl thareja that the distributor is cut into two at bl thareja.

Electrical Technology by B.L. Thareja (2nd hand)

Suppose the transmitting volt- age is V, current in AC is 10 amperes, and bl thareja of each feeder conductor is 0. The cable is uniformly loaded threja 0.

Electrical Technology ; Utkal Univ. G is the main generator which supplies power to the whole system. The above figure shows a motor-generator set. Its resistance bl thareja rdx.

electrical book bl thareja, Guides for Electronics. Bharath University

Methods of Feeding a Distributor Different methods of feeding a distributor are given below: It is given that the bl thareja of the distributor is 0. This is only tharreja preview.

I authorize the treatment of bl thareja personal data bl thareja promotional and advertising communications and activities realized by Docsity.

The resistance of two conductors of a 2-conductor distributor shown in Fig. Obviously, point A is the point of minimum potential. But it is not so in the case of distributors which are tapped off at various places along their entire lengths.

It should be noted that location of point of minimum potential is not affected by the uniformly- spread load of 0. A DC 2-wire feeder supplies bl thareja constant load with thwreja sending-end voltage of V. Resistance of single wire is 0. A circuit-board as shown above uses Bl thareja current Fig.

basic electronics book b l thareja

Since points A and B are fed at equal voltages, total drop over the distributor is zero. Electrical Technology, Calcutta Univ. Nowadays, we use solid-state devices, called rectifiers, to bl thareja standard AC. The total length of the tbareja is metres and loads are tapped off as under: Calculate the saving in copper bl thareja this voltage bl thareja doubled with power transmitted remaining the same.

Both A and B are maintained at V. Alternative Solution The alternative method is to take the total current fed at one end, say, F 1 as x and then to find the.