Comments Off on Devi Mahatmyam Devi Kavacham – English 05 October trāhi māṃ devi duṣprekṣye śatrūṇāṃ bhayavardhini | prācyāṃ rakṣatu. One of the mantras is the Devi Kavacham. Guurdev was mentioning that whoever listens to the Devi Kavacham on a regular basis will be granted victory and.

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The one, who wishes all good to happen to him, should not walk a step devi kavacham this Armour. He who remember these nine mothers kavachaam not suffer even if he is burnt in fire, devi kavacham if he has gone to war, even if he is very sad, even if he is terribly afraid of war.

Stotra Devi Devi Mahatmyam. This is the description of the seven holy mothers.

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Devi kavacham Sooleswari she who holds the spear devi kavacham my nails, Naleswari protect my abdomen, Mahadevi The great goddess protect my breasts and let Soka nasini She who destroys sorrows protect my mind. Oh Lord Brahma Grand father of all Please teach me that which is secret to all the world, which is devvi, which gives complete protection, and which has not been told kaavcham any one. Let Jaya She who is Victory stand before me, let Vijaya She who is always victorious stand behind devi kavacham, let Ajitha She who cannot be won stand to my left and Aparjitha She who has never been defeated stand on my right.

Let my lips kavachaam protected by Chandra Kala, she who wears the crescent moon Sarawathi Devi kavacham of learning my tongue, Kaumari She who is a young girl my teeth and chandika she who cannot be measured the middle of my neck.

Let Badrakali the black goddess who devi kavacham protect my neck, Neelagreeva the goddess who is blue protect the back portion of my neck, Nalakoobari protect the neck joint, Gadgadharini She who holds the sword protect my shoulders, Vajradharini She who holds Vajrayudha protect my arms, dhandini She who punishes protect my hands and Ambika she who is the mother devi kavacham the world mavacham my fingers. Let my throat be protected by Ddvi Ganda She who devi kavacham picturesqueMahamaya great enchantress protect the small tongue, Kamakshi She who kavacgam attractive eyes protect my beard and voice be protected by Sarva mangala.

Let Udhyothini She who is ever prepared protect my hair, Uma goddess Parvathy my head, Maladhari She who wears a garland my devi kavacham and Yasawini She who is famous my eye brows.

Let Maha Lakshmi protect my sons, Let Bhairavi Another kabacham for Parvathy protect my wife and let my way be protected by Kshemakari She who looks after who is devi kavacham kavacam lives everywhere. All the effects artificial poisons with temporary and permanent effects would be destroyed.

He who daily reads kavachamm Armour of the Goddess, which is even difficult for devas to obtain, in dawn, noon and dusk with devotion would be able to realise the goddess in person.

Any one who remembers those names with devotion is also are free of these fears and sorrows. Let my penis be protected by Bhoothanada She who is the ruler of all beingsmy devi kavacham protected by Mahisha vahini, Devi kavacham who rides on buffalo my thighs by Bhagawathi She who is the goddess devi kavacham knees be protected by Vindhyavasini.

Let Ksvacham Devi kavacham who has three eyes protect eevi space between eye brows, Yamaganda death to God of death protect my nose, Sankhini She who has a conch the space between two eyes, Dwara Vasini She who lives deep inside devi kavacham ears, Kalika the black goddess my cheeks, Sankari Wife of Lord Parameshwara the ear lobes, Kaavcham She who smells nice the nose bridge and Charchiga she who is above description outside my mouth. Let devi kavacham hair pores all over the body be protected by Kaubheri Devi kavacham female power of the of Kubheraskin be protected by Vagheeswari, The goddess of words and let Parvathy The daughter of the Mountain protect my blood, flesh, juices bones and fat.

Let the power of Varuna God of rain protect me in the west, the power of wind, in the northwest, Kaumari the power of Lord Subrahmanya in the north and Maheswari The power of Lord Shiva in the Northeast. She who lives on Vindhya Mountains. Prana, ApanaVyana, Samana, Udhana. They hold in their hands devi kavacham, mace, spear, plough, shield, devi kavacham spear, axe, trident, strong bow made of horns so that they can kill asurasbless devotees and for the good of devas.

The king would honour him and for he will have the glitter of devi kavacham power and his fame will increase in this materialistic world. The man will get unmatched wealth and all human beings that chant this will walk without fear, being victorious in all wars.

Let the winds of the body viz. Log in Request account.

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Let Indrani Power of Devi kavacham protect me in the east, Agni Female power of fire God, in the southeast, varahi the power of varaha in devi kavacham south, and Gadgadharini She holds a swordin the southwest. Kali rides on corpses, Varahi rides on Garuda, Maheswari on bull, Kaumari on Peacock, Brahmi on a devi kavacham and all of them wear different types of ornaments and have different types of luster, wear different type of gems and are seen on the charriots with very angry faces.

He would live for one hundred years without getting defeated in all he three worlds with no untimely devi kavacham in his family. Let Lalitha The goddess who is easy to attain protect my heart, let Sooladharini She who holds the trident protect my stomach, Kamini She who is lovable protect my belly and let Guhyeswari She who is secret protect my reproductive organs. Goddess having long hair.

Wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Significance of Devi Kavacham (Navratri Special Chant)

She who gives all that is good. All the black magic done in this world, and the bad spirits which travel on devi kavacham earth devi kavacham in the sky, which are made in water, which can be created and which hear the suggestions like Kulaja, MalaShakini and kavavhamthe devi kavacham spirits which travel in the devi kavacham, the ghosts which reside in the home, yakshas, gandarwahas, Rakshasas, Brahmarakshasas, Vetalas Koosmandas and Bhairavis will be destroyed lavacham the devi kavacham of such a man.

Hey Dharmacharini she walks on kavacha path of Dharmaplease protect my mind, intellect and my ego. The great Kacacham has told these in the Vedas.

Let Brahmani Power of Lord Brahma protect me at the top, let Vaishnavi Power of Vishnu protect me below and let Chamunda who sits on a seat of Corpse thus protect me on all the ten sides. One who travels to any direction protected by this armor will earn lot of money, get all sort of victory and definitely get all his wishes fulfilled.