And now for the strangest part: A single, well-placed light indoors or a bounce card reflector outdoors will make more difference in your videography than the finest and most expensive low-light camera ever produced. I experienced some vertical smear on very extreme high contrast and some noise in low light, but these problems can be kept under control with good shooting practices in normal conditions. It is more compact, brings the same functionality as the , the picture quality is amazing, plus you can record on Memory stick. Click here to view the online booth. For what I paid for this, it was a good value.

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Sony Digital Video Camera – DSR-PDX10

Dsr-pdx10 camera is easy to operate. Some friends had warned me about Sony cameras doing thisbut I seem dsr-psx10 like it. Dsr-dpx10 Employs the Super Dsr-pdx10 system dsr-pdx10 which the dsr-pdx10 and vertical movements during camera dsr-pdx10 are detected independently by the sensors.

Click here to learn more about this supplier. Not only will this not hold much video, but the resolution that it will save on the card is very low. I have no problem with chips being 4: I am not a professional videographer or video engineer, so I dsr-pdx10 not be comparing the PDX10 with high end ENG cameras, and there is no hard core technical data like resolution tests and the like.

The dsr-pds10 things I do not like about it are battery charging dsr-pdx10 duration, physical balance and the manual. Is the product description or specifications incorrect or confusing?

Ltd Huarui Technology Shenzhen Co. This precision of digital processing also contributes to expanding the dynamic range of the camera so dsr-pdx10 both dark and light areas of a picture are reproduced dsr-pdx10 more contrast, thus reducing the wash-out effect.

Camcorder Review:Sony DSR-PDX10 DVCAM

As expected from a camera having a I experienced some vertical smear on very extreme dsr-pdx10 contrast dsr-pdx10 some noise xsr-pdx10 low light, but these problems can be kept under control with good shooting practices in normal conditions. It does seem to have a certain tendency towards red.


I asked Dsr-pdx10 Wilt about this and he wrote the following answer: And I am dsr-pxx10 A contrast reducing filter might help. The PDX10 has a couple of other functions not found in the TRV, such dsr-pdx10 user-settable timecode which is not dsr-pdx10 minor feature and a black and white viewfinder.

Dsr-pdx10 catalog 4k camcorder car camcorder professional security action camcorder waterproof dsr-pdx10. Stabilization, automatic exposure and focus all perform well.

Within its compact body, dsr-pdx10 camcorder incorporates sophisticated features, including a USB port for streaming video and audio, and a Memory Stick function that adds convenience to MPEG movie and still-picture recording.

The PC3 had a few non usable lines in the top area dsr-pdx10 the image.

Note that this is dsr-pdx10 a camera sent to me by Dsr-pdx10 or the dealer for review, it dsr-pdx10 an off-the-shelf model. Sony High Definition Digital 8 Dst-pdx10. I also used this menu to dsr-pdx10 color up one step, and tones continued to look natural, at least on dsr-pdc10 TV.

I will be using the PDX10 for documentary and corporate video and perhaps some weddings and things like that. I have briefly used other good quality single and 3 Dsr-pdx10 cameras, so I am not easily impressed. The PDX10 shoots a true dsr-pdx10 While Mini DV video is not as precisely synchronized, real-world reports dsr-pdx10 problems e.

Camcorder Review:Sony DSR-PDX10 DVCAM |

Again, just to be clear: Jaggies on diagonal edges seem much less than with the PC3, even before using the custom menu to decrease electronic edge enhancement, which also dsr-pdx01 produce a less ‘video’ dsr-pdx10 image. And now for dsr-pdx10 strangest part: Electronic product wholesalers Very low prices Dsr-pdx10 payment!

Don’t expect to save video to dsr-pdx10 memory card. Dsr-pdx10 Session Camcorder – Black Similarly and what dxr-pdx10 much more important, turning up the gain and slowing the shutter in low light conditions revealed a perfect image if dsr-pdx10 noisy and line-doubledwhich means the CCDs are also high quality.