Taj Mahal: The True Story [P. N. Oak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No one has ever challenged it except Prof. P. N. Oak, who believes the whole world has been duped. In his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, Oak saystheTaj. known is the true story of its origin, that its magnificence stems from its having originated as a palace. It is a pity that the Taj Mahal is believed to have originated .

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The Tajmahal has identical entrance arches on all four sides. Hindu wedding altars and the altar set up for God Satyanarayan worship have pillars raised at the four corners.

TAJ MAHAL: THE TRUE STORY – P.N. OAK Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

Secondly the lady’s name was Mumtaz-ulZamani and not Mumtazmahal. Above Mumtaz’s centotaph hangs a chain by which now hangs a lamp. Could he amass so much superflous wealth in that short span as to squander it on a wonder mausoleum? The tradition of removing the shoes before climbing the marble platform originates from pre Shahjahan times when the Taj was a Shiva Temple. Apart from Hindu images hidden in the sealed stories it is also sfory that Hindu images are also stored in the massive walls of the Taj.

Though imaginative attempts have been made by some historians to foist some prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story name on history as the designer of the Taj others more imaginative have credited Shajahan himself with superb architechtural proficiency and artistic talent which ,ahal easily conceive and plan the Taj even in acute bereavement.

As per his theory, Taj Mahal is not an Islamic mausoleum but an ancient Shiva temple known as Tejo Mahalaya which the fifth generation moghul emperor Shah Jahan took over from the then Maharaja of Jaipur. Its prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story residents have through ages continued the tradition of worshipping at five Shiva shrines before taking the last meal every night especially during the month of Shravan.

They form a pair af reception tsj of the Tejomahalaya temple palace. Why is Hindu Dharma being denigrated in spite of being the most prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story system of living? Apr 03, What are we missing in Sabarimala Debate? The pinnacle figure on the ground does not have the word Allah.

When are Hindus going to learn to protest, in lawful manner, against such things?

There are two door frames one at either end ofthe corridor. Had any of those versions been true Shahjahan’s court papers should have had thousands of drawings concerning the Taj.

Tajmahal: The True Story

He, therefore, confirms that that the Tajmahal had been a noteworthy building even before Shahjahan. Contrarily reverberating domes are a neccesity in Hindu temples because they create an ecstatic dinmultiplying and magnifying the sound of bells, drums and pipes accompanying the worship of Hindu deities. Peter Mundy, prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story Englishman records inwithin a year of Mumtaz’s death having seen a th studded gold railing around her tomb.

It is customary for Hindus to install two Shivalingas one over the other in two stories as may be seen in the Mahankaleshwar temple in Ujjain and the Somnath temple raised by Ahilyabai in Somnath Pattan. Aug 14, Books – Category Description. Nearby Bharatpur provides a graphic parallel. Sep 11, Kenoyer and Sir W. Shahjahan was married to several other women before and after Mumtaz.

This disparity is proof of the Koranic extracts being a superimposition. Oak also says the love story of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story a fairy tale created by court sycophants, blundering historians and sloppy archaeologists. Such a grand, gigantic well is unneccesary for a prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story. Oak tries to dispute the conventional history of the Taj Mahal by providing a myriad of conflicting arguments, all the while failing to come up with a convincing alternative scenario.

Shocking Truth of Taj Mahal exposed by Late Pujya P. N. Oak

Prpf.p.n.oak is, therefore, court flatterers,blundering historians, somnolent archeologists, fiction writers, senile poets, careless tourists officials and erring guides who prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story responsible for hustling the world into believing in Shahjahan’s mythical authorship of the Taj. He backs his statement with a set of proofs that tell a different story. That plaque is a specimen of historical bungling.

See the following links for proofs: Mar 08, Conveniently Shah Jahan and Aurangazeb avoided the Sanskrit term and called it a tomb. Preview — Tajmahal by Purushottam Nagesh Oak. How could buildings meant for radically different purposes be identical? They range from brilliant intellectuals like Aurobindoto professional scholars like B. In India there are 12 Jyotirlingas i. Contrarily, the sfory is a marvel of Hindu metallurgy since the pinnacle made of non rusting alloy, is also thw a lightning deflector.

The pinnacle points to the heaven while the foundation signifies to the nether world. Shweta Rohira rated it it was prof.p.n.oak taj mahal the true story Mar 17, They may be seen from the river bank. The attempt to treu it away as Taj-i-mahal is therefore ridiculous.