Sahifa Sajjadiya with English translation. English Sahifa Sajjadiya. ApplulBayt Books & Reference. Everyone. 2. Contains Ads. Add to Wishlist. Install. 16 May Al-Saheefat al Kamelat al SajjadiyyaFeatures:• Contains 5 languages translation: • Arabic – English• عربي – اردو• عربي – فارسي• Arabic. Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya (Arabic: الصحیفه السجادیه , Arabic pronunciation: [‘ sæħifætu ‘sædʒæ:’diæ]; “Scripture of Sajjad”) (Persian: صحیفۀ امام سجاد , Persian .

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Sahifa sajjadiya in from ” http: This page was last edited on 7 Mayat The most famous supplication of al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya is Makarim al-Akhlaq. Fatima al Zahra sa: His Supplication in Seeking Sahifa sajjadiya in and Mercy. His Supplication in the Night Prayer. He said, ‘I can write a similar one for you too! His Supplication in Worrisome Tasks.

His Supplication in Seeking Sahida. Specialists in the study of Hadith maintain that the text is mutawatir conveyed by successive narration. Each supplication or whispered prayer will benefit the reciter sahifa sajjadiya in and bring spiritual relief to them.

The Whispered Prayer of the Devotees. His Supplication in Repelling Enemies.

Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya (book)

At the end there is also the famous Treatise on Rights that explains beautifully the rights in an Islamic point of view. The Sahifa sajjadiya in Prayer of the Obedient toward God.

In his al-ManaqibIbn Shahr Ashub says, “once sitting with one of the top scholars in literature, a discussion surrounding the eloquence of Sahifat al-Sajjadiyya came up.

Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya has several titles, such as “Sister of the Quran “, ” Gospel of the Holy Household ” and ” Sajjasiya of the Muhammad dynasty”, names which clearly indicate the importance of the book for Shia Islam. It was like I was sahifa sajjadiya in discovering true Islam for the first time in my sajjadija, even though I had been reading the Qur’an for nearly 15 years by then. Blessing upon the Bearers of the Throne. Foundation of Islamic C.

His Supplication in Asking for Rain during a Drought. Holy Shrine of al-Sayyida Zaynab a Qom: Al-Shaykh al-Mufid in sahifa sajjadiya in’Ali b.

Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya – Wikipedia

For we have been told in the Holy Qur’an in Sura 2, Verse – “And when My servants question thee concerning Me – I am near to respond to the supplication of the supplicator when he supplicates Me.

Sahifa sajjadiya in of his Glorifications. This page has been accessed 24, times. In the end of the supplication, he a requests his needs from God. Many commentaries have been written sahifa sajjadiya in it; in al-Dhari’aAqa Buzurg Tihrani mentioned around 50 commentaries, among the most famous of which is Riyad al-salikin.

The Whispered Prayer of the Utterly Poor. His Supplication for Help in Repaying Debts.

As-Sahifa Al-Kamilah Al-Sajjadiyya

According to Islamic tradition, Imam Sajjad collected his supplications and taught them to his family, particularly his sons, Muhammad al-Baqir and Zayd.

His Supplication for his Parents. His Supplication when Afflicted.

Also, the theory of Tashbih is rejected in it. His Supplication Imploring God. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

There were originally 75 supplications in al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya, of which only 54 have survived. At any rate, I am so grateful for brothers like al-islam.

Part of a series on. A number of scholars have written addenda to al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya. Supplications of al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya have different names and many Islamic teachings are stated in them.

Book of Sulaym Ibn Qays. His Supplication in Sahifa sajjadiya in.

In the first supplication, Imam al-Sajjad a praises God swjjadiya then the family of the Prophet sso that most supplications of sajjadiyz al-Sajjadiyya contain the phrases of Salawat. His Supplication in the Morning and Evening. In al-Tasawwuf al-Islami wa l-adab wa l-akhlaqSahifa sajjadiya in Mubarak has considered “al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya as similar to the Bible in all aspects with the only difference that the Bible turns the heart toward Jesus Christ and al-Sahifa sahifa sajjadiya in turns the heart towards God.