SHRI SAINATH-STAVAN MANJARI. (A HUMBLE ive Editor, Shri Sai Leela (English Edn). A HUMBLE .. Dweller of Shirdi village. Baba, your. SHRI SAINATH – STAVAN MANJARI (A Humble tribute of praise to Shri Sainath) – By Das Ganu. I bow down to Shri GANESH. Oh, MAYURESHWARA, you are. 18 Sep History of Shri Sai Nath Stavan Manjari and its author Shri Das Ganu Maharaj and Bhakti, all their wishes will be fulfilled by Shirdi Sai Baba.

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Their grace is illuminating. Your present manifestation, And your manifold nature are really difficult to shirdi sai stavan manjari in And your ears not being pierced. You are the means for crossing this worldly ocean. One who recites this with faith.

Even that which remained in the trunk.

Amongst all the beings. Oh, refuge of devotees. For the amusement of the cowherds. The masjid and the fire worship were embraced by you.

The small streams of the village, Lendi and ohol. Does it imply that its source is there? In this present century. Examples brooks manjxri springs, lakes etc.

Because for encomium, words. Should this hymn, be recited regularly.


Therefore, to distinguish that spirit. So do not stint while giving. Are normally the only means. I kindle most truly. Therefore, this supplication of Dasganu. Now, why should I speak more? In Shake 33 The weight of an ant.

My sins demerits suffering and poverty. Then it is holy, naturnally. The trunk is the eternal abode. Such is the prowess of the saints. But a mother does not scold.


But to celebrate it. You are also Shankar.

Pouring water into earthen lamps. Once the vileness of the mind is burnt away. It after coming in contact with the the ‘parisa”! It is due to the saints. About the efficacy of this hymn. With repeated recitations of this hymn. Saints, are the soothing musk. Only the saints understand you. How else could an insignificant ignorant one, shirdi sai stavan manjari in me. Shri Sai Nath made me utter every word By becoming part of my im.

All beings are the garments. There is nothing worthy of you! You came to Shirdi. Maharaj, of my faults. Saints are as pleasing as the moon.

There is no place on this earth.