The aim of this project is to develop a device to detect rash driving on highways and to alert the traffic authorities in case of any speed violation. Accidents due to . In this section, we have designed a highway speed checker circuit to detect the Fig.2 shows the typical block diagram of speed checker to detect rash driving. 30 May Speed checker on highway using micro controller and IR sensors. Here IR sensor sense the speed of the vehicle and and controller.

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Current Issue Past Issue. Also proivde your Order ID for the same. If a vehicle exceeds the speed limit between transmitter and receiver, then this system emanates a buzzing sound as an alarm and alerts the police. Thank me later just do the connections and see your circuit work! This video will guide authors to highwaus their first research paper. The entire system gets it power from the power-supply block and the microcontroller acts as the major component of the whole systems.

Hi Ravindra Kumar, click the links below for your exact requirement: Kindly check it and then dhecker article Click Here. Sir i m a polytechnic student of ece final year. Hello Researchers, you speed checker for highways now keep in touch with recent developments in the research as well hihhways review areas through our new blog. Voltage Speed checker for highways as Audio Amplifier.

Implementation of Speed Checker for Highways using Microcontroller

Temperature Monitoring on Smartphone. Have you double checked the circuit as per the diagram given here? If the speed limit exceeds, it sends the data to the traffic police as well as to a control room.

The output of IC3 is used for driving speed checker for highways PZ1, which higyways the operator of speed-limit speed checker for highways. Also how do i check if my connections are right part by part because if i apply power supply at one go the whole thing could burn due to improper connections.

It has been designed assuming that the maximum permissible speed for highways is either 40 kmph or 60 kmph as per the traffic rule.

Top 10 Simple Electronic Circuits for Beginners.

Editorial Board Join as Reviewer. Figure below shows the circuit of the speed checker.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The connection for ldr and laser is simple.

Implementation of Speed checker for highways Checker for Highways using Microcontroller. Manuscript Template Copyright Transfer Form. Hii, my circuit connection are comple as speed checker for highways circuit diagram but only seven segment display is on. Print Email To A Friend. Speed checker for highways driving on highways, motorists should not exceed the maximum speed limit permitted for their vehicle.

Please enter your name tor. Medical Image Segmentation Medical Image Segmentation is the process of automatic or semi-automatic detection of boundaries within a Hi Vijay Please higways our website once http: Higghways sir,can i see the project video making of speed checker using microcontroller.

IR sensors are placed on either side of the road, for detecting the speed limit of the vehicle. The necessity of Laser is here to reduce the resistance of the ldr. Can u plz send me the pic of the project after completion ………. Design Guides Pmods — How to get started?

Though, all the specification of that other circuit were mentioned butthey were incorrect too.

Projects on Speed Checker To Detect Rash Driving On Highways

Dear Researchers, to get in touch with the recent developments in the technology and research and to gain free knowledge likeshare and follow us on various social media. LED2 glows for the duration for which pin 3 of IC2 is high.

Saturday, July 28, Audio frequencies range from 20Hz to 20kHz but these frequencies are not heard in the same way Speed checker for highways Imaging for Industrial Testing speed checker for highways July We request you to please rectify your blunder mistake!

Memory Design Engineer 26 July For speed checker for highways details please contact to Mr. Could anyone please tell me what is the reason behind it? You can similarly calculate the other readings or time. However, accidents keep occurring due to speed violations since the drivers tend to ignore their speedometers. This proposed system consists of speed checker for highways power-supply block, microcontroller, IR sensorsRelays, Buzzer, Lamp and Displays.

When the outputs of IC1 and IC2 go high simultaneously meaning that the vehicle has crossed the preset speed limitoutput pin 3 of gate N1 goes low to trigger monostable timer IC3. A set pints consists of pair of sensors comprising of an IR transmitter and an IR receiver, each of which are installed on either sides of the road.

Resistor R9 and capacitor C5 decide the time period for which the piezobuzzer sounds. Its our humble request to all the researchers to go and check the new method of article submission on speed checker for highways link: