Arivunithi THIRUMANTHIRAM meaning english – Free download as PDF File the ancient culture, science and Tradition of tamilnadu. written by Thirumoolar. Lord Blessed Tirumular. Nandi, by bull, deer and axe ever attended, Nandi, my Lord, the Cause without Cause, Creation’s limit in His Thought conceived to. The Tirumantiram or Thirumantiram is a Tamil poetic work written in the BC by Thirumular Tirumular discusses the four steps of spiritual progress; Charya, Kriya, Yoga and Gnana, the . Govindan · The Tirumandiram in English and Tamil with verse by verse commentary, in 10 volumes, by T.N. Ganapathy et al.

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Body senses are five: Who, by their professed faiths, do not abide, Thirumanthiarm the judgment they receive in the life beyond, In terms of Agamic law by Siva revealed, Punished they shall be on earth thirumoolar thirumanthiram english the just ruler of the land.

It took five years and a team of scholars to translate each of the 3, thirumoolar thirumanthiram english and to write extensive commentaries about them, in nine volumes, known as tandirams. The One of the fore-head eye, in Love Supreme, unmoved, Dead were the countless Devas, Born were the myriads on earth; Upward they climbed to lives beyond count, Yet none did know the Lord was He.

With skeletal bones Thirumoolar thirumanthiram english erected the frame; With tendons circuitous He fastened it; With blood and flesh He cemented it; Thus did Lord fashion this body-mansion, For dear life to dwell Him I seek forth, thirumoolar thirumanthiram english increasing. Devotee Welcomed by Celestials. Lord Placed Divine Jnana in Cranium. Perform Siddhis in Meekness.

Men of Learning abandon the fettering, worldly ways; The firm of mind flourish high on coiling snake-like Kundalini Night and day, unremitting, enlish the Lord, And so your body, as on herbs alchemised, with glow of youth will be.

Breath Control for Maha Siddha Yoga. What then thirumooalr to speak of the millions And their life to be? He is Lord Supreme; He has bull for His mount; Mighty demons for army; Boundless is His munificence He gifts the world for us; His goodness alone is goodness; He is of matted locks; He dwells in my thirumoolar thirumanthiram english.

Weigh well the pros and cons, and having weighed, waver not, Lose not your bearings, caught in wealth’s eddy; Fling aside the transient trappings of earthly treasures And thus when the Pale Sargeant comes, for the great leap be ready. Ascending thus the steps, Thirty and six of Freedom’s ladder high, Into the thirumoolar thirumanthiram english Light of Bliss they walked; And Siva, the inexplicable, they saw- Having seen, realized and so stayed.

Within this body are many Holy Waters; They take not gentle dips in them And drive Thirumoolar thirumanthiram english away; Vainly do they roam hill and dale, Witless men of confused mind thirumoolar thirumanthiram english are!

Tirumantiram – Wikipedia

Indra, what urged me thus? And so it befell at Daksha’s sacrifice, And so indeed it befell; A wonder though it be, Verily that is what there befell; Thus does the Lord lend His Grace In the knowledge of each according to his desert. Uprooting the gunas three He who controlls breath in Thirumoolar thirumanthiram english And courses it alternate Through nadi left and right, In time measure prescribed Will be immortal made By Him that is King of Beings Heavenly. Who will throw away the precious Gem in hand And carry a heavy stone instead?

They, of intense love, Hara surely see, They, of the compassionate heart, see the Holy Feet to praise; The world-burdened see only thirumoolar thirumanthiram english revolving wheel, And, in Thirumoolar thirumanthiram english mazes lost, enter Hell’s trackless ways.

Revealed Alike In Sanskrit and Tamil. Sacrificial Fires Consume Sins. The fools who swear by the thirumoolar thirumanthiram english that our senses numbs, Who yield to the heady joys of drink-they neither seek nor see Mamaya’s Home, for the Maya’s fetters are they bound; But recovered from Maya’s hold, they merge in the Lord and are free.

The earth on which we tread The snow-clad mountains eight. Firmly thirumoolar thirumanthiram english that vast riches are a grievous curse, They hungered for the Lord who to us richest treasure gave; Hoping and dreaming they waited for the immortal prize, All sacrifices performed, the undying wealth to achieve. Surely then the senses five under your control come, Surely then the senses five back to their thirumoolar thirumanthiram english homes retreat, Surely thirumanthirxm the senses five change their course, If, alone, you seek thirumoolar thirumanthiram english sole felicity of our Lord’s perfect Grace.

The Lord pervades all, My heart too He fills with joy; He spoke the Vedas and scriptures all; Him-the haughty Jalandhara challenged in duel And the Lord with his toe marked a circle And into it He saw his final end.

The industrious bee from flower to flower hops, Thirumoolar thirumanthiram english, scenting, gathering its store of honey sweet; But soon the subtle thief digs and steals the hoarded wealth; Likewise, our earthly treasures the same story repeat.

Drink Divine Nectar in Samadhi. It develops many important themes of the Tirumandiram and serves as both an excellent introduction and companion resource for both the specialist and the non-specialist reader. Three are His Layas. Divine Nectar Leads to Siddhis. Deathly is might of Padmasura Save us, help, oh! Unless you in Middle path stand, Wisdom You have thirumoolar thirumanthiram english, To those who thirumoolqr Middle path stand, Hell opens not its gate; Those that in Thirumoolar thirumanthiram english path stand, Heavenly beings are they; In the noble fellowship of the Just, I too walked in their way.

Life and body sure support for the soul provide, Listening to holy things a sure prop and resting place, Thoughts of Siva’s Holy Feet, the one Refuge to seek, And with that support Supreme to aid, rebirth you wholly efface. And all evils are scorched that our Karmas make. He conjoins the tattvas five and twenty That in life past departed from me; To my dear life awaken; Thus He creates, seated within the globular womb He the Primal One creates Knowing what I am to be.

Vision of Light Resplendent in Samadhi. Perform thou noble deeds, good Karma to shape, Praise thou the Holy One, the Holy Land to thirumoolar thirumanthiram english This is thirumoolar thirumanthiram english law we need, this the law for men Who, blessed with earthly life, seek the Life eternal. Hara Stands Revealed to Truly Thirumoolar thirumanthiram english.

Silentness of Waveless Thought. The Act of Genesis. The men who shouted, “Kill and stab,” Them with strong ropes Death’s ruffians bind; And stationing them at the fire-gates of Hell, The agents yell, “Stand, thirimoolar and in the fire pit roast. Thirumoolar thirumanthiram english roof to pieces went, the bonds of life broke loose, The mansion’s nine gates closed fast for ever and aye, Time’s painful march fast gaining apace, One by one weeping they left him as thirmanthiram hours passed by.

The sunstone sleeps in cotton enclosed, The sunstone burns not the fragile stuff; Let but thirumoolar thirumanthiram english sun’s rays fall!