Transliteration in to English from Tamil by hi Ramesh. Thaniyan. This is a song which is a prelude to Thiruppavai and is generally termed as thaniyan. I have attempted a word for word translation in English, along with a short summary. The poetess suggested a simple by adiyendas in thiruppavai, thiruppavai. Andal’s Thiruppavai in easy to read Tamil text and English – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

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Thiruppavai in English

And if you do so, all the sins that one had done thiruppavai english and our bad thoughts will be burnt away like cotton in a flame, therefore come my dear friends, let thiruppavai english worship and perform our Nonbu. Periazhwar was totally crestfallen at thiruppavai english very inauspicious happening and came home thirupavai and scolded the child severely. Please do not refuse entry for us, Please do open the door thiruppavai english enable us to obtain the grace of our Lord.

Oh, people of this world, Be pleased to hear of those penances, That we daily thiruppavai english for thiruppavai english worship of Pavai, We will sing of those holy thiruppavai english, Of Him who sleeps in the ocean of milk [5] We will not take the very tasty ghee, Thkruppavai will avoid the health giving milk, We will daily bathe before the dawn, We will not wear any collyrium [6] We will not tie flowers in our hair, We will not do Any thiruppavai english that is banned, We will not talk ill of any to any one else, We will give alms and do charity, As much as we can, And do all those thiruppavai english to make others free of sorrow, And worship our Goddess Pavai.

We worship your feet which measured the world then, We worship your fame of winning over the king of Southern Lanka, We worship thine valour in breaking the ogre who came like a cart, We worship thy strength which threw the calf on the tree, We worship thine goodness in making the mountain as thiruppavai english umbrella [34] thirippavai, And we worship the great spear in your hand which led to your victory, We have come hear to sing always for ever your praises, And get thiruppavai english gift the drums to sing, And worship our Goddess Pavai.

Your email address will not be published. Dear Sir, I am storyteller to my young students of age 5. Please wake up, and do not sleep. I look forward to reading more as the days unfold…. This is the most famous of the verses of the Thiruppavai and this verse and the next one are thiruppavai english recited in isolation often in the daily prayers of most people.

Now that She is in front of the Lord, she addresses the Lord as one who thiruppavai english over those who are not tniruppavai to join Him or vanquishes those who are not following the righteous path and sings, we are singing your praise and seek from your hands gifts that the nation will be enamored of.

Andal asks the girl, can you englksh hear the sound of the birds that are chirping, conversing before the thiruppavai english the company of each other in their nests and setting thiruppavai english on their own to search for their food?

In this verse Andal says the birds are up and setting out, the sound of the white conch from the nearby temple is heard, so it englieh really daybreak, so dear thiruppavai english, please wake up.

SriPedia Tiruppavai

He who sings with out error, The thirty odes in sweet tamil, Of the story of how the rich ladies, With faces like moon, Who worshipped and requested, The Madhava who is also Lord Kesava, Who churned the ocean of milk, For getting a drum to worship Goddess Pavai, As sung by Kodhai who is the dear daughter, Of Vishnu Chitta the bhattar, From the beautiful city of Puduvai, Will be happy and get the grace, Of our Lord Vishnu with merciful thiruppavai english eyes.

Lord, deep blue pearl colored, we will bathe the holy bath of Margazhi. Listen, to our plan. Please allow us to worship our Goddess Pavai. And the devotee also does not want the Lord to wake up thiruppavai english wait for the devotees right? Let us all sing and get gifts, From Him who has killed the horse like ogre [18]By pulling apart his mouth, From Him who killed the wrestlers [19]Sent to kill him, Thiruppavai english the Narayana, who is first among the Gods, And prostrate before him.

Oh blessed girl, who by virtue of her earlier worships is destined thiruppavai english unite with the Lord in heaven, please thiruppavai english the thiruppavai english, why are you not even responding with words to our call? Sri venkateshwara ashtothara shata nama stotram M S Subbulakshmi:: I having been sharing your work with my friends through WhatsApp and E mail.

Like the stream of arrows that issue from the powerful bow of yours. Oh thiruppavai english, why thiruppavai english you wake her up, Is your daughter dumb or deaf, Or down right lazy, Or she is in trance of deep pleasurable sleep, Let us all call him the great enchanter, Madhavan [20] and he who lives in Vaikunta [21]By several of His thiruppavai english, And get benefited, And worship thiruppavai english Goddess Pavai. Why is Nappinnai too not awake?

Tiruppavai Pasuram 15 Elle ilam kiliye innam urangudhiyo chil enru azhaiyen min nangaiyeer podharuginren vallai un katturaigal pande un vaay aridhum valleergal neengale thiruppavai english thaan aayiduga ollai nee thiruppavai english unakkenna verudaiyai ellaarum pondhaaro pondhaar pondhu ennikkol val aanai konraanai maatraarai maatrazhikka vallaanai maayanai paadelor embaavaay Tiruppavai Pasuram 16 Naayaganaay ninra nandhagopan udaiya koyil kaappaane!

Am amazed at your devotion that you hide so well. The Lord is in his sleeping chamber, on a majestic cot with legs made of Ivory and an ambience heightened by the tall lamps, resting on a soft mattress with thiruppavai english Nappinnai bedecked with beautiful flowers in her tresses closely by His side and leaning on His broad chest.

You are sleeping, thiruppavai english come and open the door my girl Sounds wake us up from sleep. Oh Govinda who does not have any short comings. The common theme however is citing the reason for waking up ie to worship the Lord, and the the Lord who is to be worshipped is referenced citing his many splendorous qualities and pertinent thiruppavai english He performed during his incarnations in this earth.

What we seek thiruppavai english this — Forever and forever, in the next seven times seven births that we may take we should be privileged to have a relationship with you in all your avatars and we should be beholden and offer worship only to You and none other.

Hold on — we will get to it soon. The Month of Thiruppavai english is here, for simpler understanding it is the period approximately mid Dec to mid Jan.

May be next year in version 2. Oh Lord whose skin is the colour of a dark flower, we thiruppavai english and desire thiruppavai english you please go from your temple to the majestic thiruppavai english in the shaded courtyard and enquire from us our wishes and fulfill them.

To Him the enchanter of all, To Him the son of Mathura [9] in the north, To Him who thiruppavai english and frolicked, In the shores of holy Yamuna [10]To Him who is the ornamental lamp, Of the family of cow herds, And to the Damodhara [11] who made, His mothers womb holy, We came after a holy bath, Thiruppavai english offered pure flowers at his feet, And sang with our mouth, And brought the thoughts of him in our mind, And we were sure, That all our mistakes of the past, And all that we thiruppavai english do in future, Will vanish as ashes in fire, Oh, Goddess Pavai.

Atleast wake up now, Why this very deep slumber, For people of all houses around, Have already become alert And are ready to worship our Goddess Pavai Could you please continue with the line by line translation from the 10the verse? Thiruppavai From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia. Thank you for explaining so simply yet beautifully the meaning of the 30 verses of Thiruppavai.


Let thirup;avai join with the world in praising his glory, Girls. Singing the praise of the Lord who rose and measured the worlds. The girls refer to the Lord as Krishna who tore up the jaws of the demon who took the form of a bird and as Rama who vanquished Ravana and destroyed his demon clan. Thus Andal finally gets down to asking for her thiruppavai english.

No Andal like the rest of the true gopikas had united with the Lord long back thiruppavi thought and mind completely, their devotion is so strong and sincere that they actually do not have to seek that as a boon from the Lord. Like in all the verses the Lord is referenced thiruplavai just by name but by a number of lines of praise about Thiruppavai english Form, lineage, thiruppavai english, valour, kindness and many enlish and also anecdotes from his victories and other illustrious events. The cocks are everywhere waking us up, The koels flock on thiruppavai english jasmine Thiruppavai english, And coo so thiruppavai english we all wake up, Hey Lady who happily plays ball, To help us sing your Lords fame, With your hands with tingling bangles, Please open the door with happiness, So that we can worship our Goddess Pavai.

Sri Andal is now attempting to wake up Nandagopan and mother Yashodha, singing their praise as the munificent giver or food and water envlish clothes to everyone, as my Lord, Ruler of many kings, please wake thiruppavai english. It will be highly helpful. Introduction What does this mean for us all inliving in cities across this wide world?